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Restaurant Manager Resume

The food and hospitality industry is one of the largest growing in the world. Eating out is a luxury that most people look forward to in their daily routines. Thousands of restaurants have sprouted over time to meet these demands; business is flourishing, and so is the number of job opportunities in the industry. A key cog in the machinery of any restaurant is the restaurant manager. The position is highly sought after, and any open vacancy in an average to decent restaurant can invite a huge amount of applications. A resume for a restaurant manager position, therefore, needs to capture the attention of the employer, convincing them that the applicant has a good chance of fitting the criteria of being a competent restaurant manager. It needs to give the applicant a shot at an interview.

The position of restaurant manager does not require as much in education and qualifications as it does in experience. Management is an art which is picked up primarily during real life situations. Prospective hirers look keenly at past experience, which should be one of the primary focus points on the resume. However, the applicant should emphasize on his achievements during his professional life, and should refrain from bluntly stating formerly held positions. The experience content should be such that the employer, at a glance, could judge the applicant’s acquired skills and their results. If an applicant has, for example, worked as assistant manager at a restaurant, he should mention the volume of customers he handled, the value of the business, and the labour cost he incurred during restaurant operation. This will give the employer a clear picture of the applicant’s potential.

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Restaurant Manager Resume

While laying out the resume format, the applicant should remember that the employer will only be able to give around half a minute to the document. Therefore the resume should be short, effective and aesthetic. It is advisable to use plain font styles, because they are easier to read. Times New Roman and Arial fonts are one of the best choices. When listing experiences, the latest position should be mentioned first, and then the one before it, and so on. It is paramount that there are no unexplained chronological gaps between jobs. If there has been a gap (a vacation, illness, education gap, or lack of work) it should be briefly mentioned. If not, the employer will get the impression that there is something to hide, and the resume might find itself discarded. The document should include the applicant’s correct contact information, which should be double checked before submission. There are few things more upsetting than making it to the interview and then not getting the call because the contact details were incorrect. The provided email address should be appropriate, and should not contain offensive, childish or inappropriate content. If used, they will give a very unprofessional image of the applicant to the employer.

In essence, resumes are a selling tool. Their primary objective is to showcase the strengths of the applicant, and to convince the employer that the applicant is the right person for the job. If the resume is well written, clear, concise and reader friendly, it can go a long way into making it possible for the prospective restaurant manager to land his or her dream job.

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Entry level, the word is self-explanatory, as in entering into a level so an entry level sale is if one is going to do sales or marketing job. The most portion of the job at entry level is about learning and training, which most of the companies provide their employees for free or if any charges are to be charged, they are deducted from their salary in small portions. Entry level sales jobs mostly include learning skills for marketing or sale of some specific product, or learning selling or marketing skills for some special geographical region and culture.

The employers of such job are of course companies which produce ready to sell products and are eager to launch something new in the market, local or international. For such jobs, they are looking for individuals who are enthusiastic and hardworking, plus they should have good communication and convincing skills so as to change the views of the customers and make them buy their product over the others present in that market. Employers mostly expect youngsters to be hired, because it is always easy to train and make them learn what they need to sell in the market.

If you are a beginner, just graduated from your institution and are going to look for a job which can eventually result into a good experience and lead to better opportunities in the field of sales and marketing then entry level is a good start to consider. They will provide you with all the training you need and hence you will have experience as well when you will be out there doing your job at the entry level. This career has good potential in sense of long term, because this experience you will gain will result into better opportunities and help face bigger challenges.

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Entry Level Sales Resume

For such a job, which might be your first in some cases, you will have to write a resume to apply. These are a few points which might be of greater help to you.

  • Brief introduction is must thing in the start. But do not be brief enough that you avoid writing your full name.
  • Since many of applicants will be coming straight from the schools, having no or little experience at the internships is expected. Do not hesitate if you have no experience, obviously it is an entry level post.
  • It is better that you know what you want to do in your career. Since you will be starting, you might not know, but you should get to know what you want to do further.
  • Entry level sales is about selling a product, so show them you have the skills to learn this job areas and you are good enough to convince your audience.
  • Mention all the schooling and training you have had until the time you are writing this resume.

A few things not to commit while writing your resume for entry level sales resume are:

  • Non-directional writing, i.e. not knowing where you are leading to. This makes the employer thinks that you are distorted or disoriented professionally. So stay at the path and do not deviate from the goal.
  • Improper formatting, like useless bolding of text, irregular sizing and changing of font styles randomly.

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The job of an assistant in general is to assist someone else; a superior may be, in performing the routines at any job. The main objectives of this job are to seek and implement the administrative rules and regulations related to a specific business or company. In this way, an administrative assistant eases out the workflow for the people who he or she is assisting with. The nature of an administrative assistant job is very demanding in sense of hard work and responsibility because another person and the entire work, which is being administered by them, are at the assistant’s stake. The assistant has to be vigilant and stay up to date about all the relevant facts and figures, in order to facilitate the people he or she is working with.

Almost every professional business or other administrative offices require the administrative assistants. The employers of such assistants are mostly large companies and of course individuals as well. The employers of administrative assistants are always in search of people who are active, vigilant, hardworking, punctual and a little more attentive than any other average human being. All these factors are the requirement of a successful company to be run smoothly and every administrative level white-collar officer would love to have such assistant bearing all the qualities described earlier.

The potential of assisting job is very strong and bright. Such type of job posts are always a good experience for the beginners, as they serve as learning schools for them to further offer their services at a higher level job. Once passed through such job, a person will have had enough experience to carry out higher-level jobs with proper responsibility. But if you think you love to assist someone, well then there is no shame in being an assistant for your career because follow what you love, not what you need.

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Administrative Assistant Resume

Like every other job, a resume has to be written. Here are a few minor tips, which might save you from a rejection and may be help you into that job, if you are capable enough. Take a look at the following.

  • Your name being your identity has the first right to be mentioned. Clearly write your name and your full name, no doubt. A good idea is to use simple fonts. State your address and contact details afterwards.
  • A little bit about your personality, but truth, do not make up things to impress the employer. There might be a psychologist during the interview, so be honest.
  • Tell them about your previous experience(s) if any.
  • Include your qualifications, all the schooling you have had, and any other extra training should be mentioned in this section, which might help in this type of job.
  • Any professional achievements can be included.

With things to do, there are a few things, which you should not do. Here they are:

  • Committing grammatical mistakes is the worst thing to do.
  • Including irrelevant details, which can only lengthen up resume and employer, might not be interested.
  • Irregular font changes, both size and style.

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Any work in the customer service industry requires good communication skills. Your resume should be a sample of your good communication skills. Customer service representatives are the face of an organization. Companies want to employ candidates who are skilled in facing customers under all conditions. There are varied industries in which a person can work as a customer service representative. Banks, retail department stores, insurance, rental agencies and many more industries employ customer service representatives in big numbers. The work is a challenging one as the work pressure is high. Good listening and communication skills are the most important qualities that are expected in a candidate applying for a job as customer service representative.

Job Description

The chief responsibility of a customer service representative is to provide product and support information to the customers of the organization. They have to deal directly with the customers either through telephone, mails or chats or in person. They are also responsible to offer service help and to resolve problems faced by the customer. Technical representatives offer technical help. They also record the complaints and queries and dispatch service personnel in case the customer requests for the same. They can also help to prepare customer satisfaction reports on a product by collecting information from callers. Most calls answered by such representatives will involve some form of complaint and hence the employee must be qualified to handle complicated problems without getting hassled.

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Customer Service Representative Resume

Important Elements In The Resume

The resume should have a clear objective. The career objective that you write in your resume must be in line with the job for what you are applying for. The resume should have a section where you should mention the relevant skills you possess that will make you a good customer service representative. It is necessary to provide any previous experience you possess in the customer service industry. Even if you have experience facing customers in a different industry, it is best to mention that experience. making a summary of your qualifications in the first page of the resume will gain the attention of the prospective employer.

Tips For Successful Resume

A successful resume must attract the attention of the potential employer in the short time each resume gets read on. The customer service representative resume should be concise and clear. The font used in the resume must be clean and clearly visible. The qualifications which will make you a good choice for the role must be mentioned in a separate section. If you have faced customers in any role previously, it will add value. Good listening skills are a must for roles that necessitate interacting with customers over phone or in person. The resume must highlight this quality of yours. Also flexibility and adaptability are skills that you should possess for a successful career facing customers and which should find a place in your resume.

Things To Avoid 

The resume should not be overly lengthy. Any error in your resume projects you as careless and hence the resume should be carefully checked for any mistakes. If you are highlighting any achievements, keep it short and simple and avoid big paragraphs. You must make good use of the space in the resume and irrelevant skills should not find a place in your resume.

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Project coordinators are also called as project facilitators as they are responsible for the completion of project within the scheduled time. The coordinators should have good networking abilities as they will have to work together with a lot of people in various departments. He should be involved in the project from the start until the final phase. If you are aspiring to land the role of a project coordinator, you need to build your resume projecting your skills suited for the role in addition to having those skills. Below you can find useful information on writing up a strong resume for this role.

Job Description

The role of project coordinators might vary greatly from project to project. But the general expectation from the role is that the employee will be required to coordinate the different resources and activities and keep things progressing in the right direction. The employee should be prepared to handle all areas of the project. The requirements might be different at different phases of the project. For instance, during planning, a project coordinator has to monitor the information requirements and the availability of resources and also the risks expected during development. During development, he must allocate works to the whole team according to their expertise.

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Project Coordinator Resume

Important Elements In The Resume

A resume should make the prospective employer want to reach out to you to know more. The resume should be brief and crisp. The 2 pages of text that the employer will read should highlight why you would be a right fit for the role of a project coordinator. The objective at the top of the resume should show your passion and suitability to this line of work. Your resume should have details of your core skills and the list of skills you possess that make you a suitable choice for the role. If you have had prior experience in the role, the resume should mention that and the results you achieved in that role.

Tips For Successful Resume

If you want to build up a successful resume to project you as a fit candidate for the role of project coordinator, there are few tips to consider. Project coordinators are certainly expected to have strong networking skills. The role is not perfectly defined and hence the employers will prefer a candidate who is versatile and can adapt according to requirements. The resume should necessarily include the relevant skills you possess. A project coordinator is expected to report to the project manager but supervise the team. Hence you must highlight your skills that show you are a team player who can manage a team. Experience in leading or managing a team is certainly a plus.

Things To Avoid 

A good resume should not have any unnecessary information. Detailed information on achievements should be withheld for the time of interviews. A brief and concise mention of achievements will look good. Graphics, charts or pictures should be avoided unless an employer specifically asks for such items. You might have a variety of skills, but it is better to avoid talking about skills that are not relevant to the role of project coordinator.

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A customer service manager will have to work with customers at various levels. Experience in the customer service industry is a must have for a person to rise to the ranks of a manager. The exact work might depend on what products the company is dealing with. The manager should have deep knowledge on all products the company deals in so that he can answer queries from customers about different products. The environments where there is demand for the role of customer service manager is quite varied from retail, banks, insurance and even extends to Government jobs.

Job Description

The jobs and duties assigned to the customer service manager are many. The most important responsibility of a customer service manager is to manage and motivate his staff to perform the best possible customer service. He will have to respond to complaints and queries from the customers as well as from his staff. He might also be required to employ and train the team members in addition to conducting staff appraisals. He will also be responsible for arranging any promotional events or special events on some occasions. The job involves more customer facing duties than other management jobs. The candidate must have strong leadership skills in addition to the people skills required to work in the customer service industry.

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Customer Service Manager Resume

Important Elements In The Resume

If you are looking to land the job of a customer service manager in a renowned firm, you should prepare your resume to reflect your appropriate and relevant skills in addition to possessing them. A lot of educational qualifications might not be expected for this job, but industry experience is a must. Also people skills are quite important. A customer service manager will have to face irate customers many times. He should have the creativity and patience to deal with them. The resume should have a section where you should list out the people skills you have expertise in. the previous experience in the industry should be mentioned clearly along with details of challenges faced and results achieved. The candidate can list out all his areas of expertise in a separate section where customer service management will be written at the top.

Tips For Successful Resume

For a resume to be successful, it should have clear and concise details of the candidate along with his experience and qualities that recommend him to the role. A customer service manager should include a list of his inter personal skills and communication skills in his resume in addition to the experience in the customer service industry. The resume should have a section where you can write about a few select cases of your achievements.

Things To Avoid 

It is quite possible to overdo a resume while trying to protect yourself as a perfect choice for the role of customer service manager. While it is good to showcase your achievements, the resume should not be full of them. Only a very few select items should be highlighted in the resume. Vague or exaggerated statements are a strict negative in a resume. Also irrelevant achievements should not be mentioned.

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The resume of the executive jobs are much different from that of the regular types of resumes. These resumes display the skills of the person which makes him fit for the job, rather than the education and the work experience the outlining of the skills is much worthy in such resumes. These jobs are much competitive in nature and a person has to professionally prepare his Creative directory resumes so that he can get his dream job. The Creative directory resumes must bestow information about the leadership skills of the person as the main motive of the resume is to show the capabilities of the person and ensure that he is fit for the post.

Job description of Creative Director

The creative director has a very important role in developing the concepts for the projects. He has to work with the internal and the external clients and also cater to their demands and needs by understanding them on the first basis. He has to arrange for creative sessions to discuss the project, handle multiple projects right from developing the concept of the project to that of the completion of the project.  Create concepts, supervise the team and motivate them and also work with the other teams of accounts section, copywriters and strategy team. In brief, he has to manage everything from concept, team members to that of external affairs and projects of the company.

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Creative Director Resume

Important elements of Creative Director Resume

The career objective is one of the crucial aspects of any resume. But most of them fail to write exactly the career objective rather they list some points that they want. The resume can be written incorporating all the information relating to the products and worksheet that were successfully completed. The managerial skills of yours must also be mentioned in terms of how effectively you handled the team. Highlight any special training and education that you have in the field. Also highlight the awards and personal achievements that you have got in the past. Make sure that you give details of the technical skills as well.

Tips of Creative Director Resumes

Previous records of accomplishments and the process of execution from concept to the end of the project could be mentioned. The professional experience and the accomplishments could be added in the resume. Some typical issues that were resolved could be mentioned in the resume. In the resume that you write ensure to include some of the creative strategies that you used in the past. Do not forget to upgrade your resume with the technical skills that you possess in Photoshop, flash, Illustrator or any other.

Common mistakes of Creative Director resumes

The most common error is that people frame a creative director resume in similar way to that of the normal resume. The resume does not focus on the difference in the job concepts and lacks presentation. Another section that lacks professionalism is writing about the creative accomplishments and the job oriented objectives. Make sure that you determine the job requirements and present a good resume to the employer.

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A Chief Financial Officer is an executive in an organization whose chief responsibility is to manage the financial risks and future of the organization. He or she is required to strategize and plan for the financial future of the company taking into account the risks and developments that are expected to happen in the industry. The CFO is one of the top level roles in any organization. He or she is expected to report directly to the CEO of the company or to the board of directors. He will have a great authority to take financial decisions for the company and will act as the spokesperson for the company on all financial matters.

Job Description of Chief Financial Officer

The role of a chief financial officer involves a lot of responsibilities. The CFO is responsible for the company’s financial conditions and investments. The CFO will be the head of the company’s finance unit. A CFO is expected to present and report accurate financial data to the board or to the CEO. This information will be later presented to all shareholders and employees. The CFO will be responsible for financial planning not only for the present but also for future.

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CFO Resume

Important Elements In The Resume

The resume of a CFO should not simply state the skills he or she possesses, but what results the candidate can achieve using that skill set. The resume must possess a section where the candidate expresses his past achievements and gives a summary of what he hopes to achieve in his new position. The first page should have a summary of achievements and the skills that will project you as a good choice for the role. It is necessary to include a list of soft skills you possess along with the strong technical qualities that make you the perfect choice for the role of Chief Financial Officer for an organization. The resume should have result based tangible achievements which a prospective employer can understand. A resume which reads “Brought about 22% increase in deposits through changed initiatives in operational policies” will have more value than a resume which reads “promoted good operational policies leading to profits”.

Tips For Successful Resume

Chief Financial Officer is a top executive in a company who will make many key decisions. The resume should portray your strong experience in the financial field. Management experience is also a necessity if you want to land the role of a CFO. Along with the strength of your financial and technical knowledge, your resume should promote your leadership skills too. It is a good idea to add brief information on challenges faced and the skills that helped to turn challenges into opportunities.

Things To Avoid 

It is very important to avoid excessive usage of technical details in the resume. Never give your potential employers a chance to be suspicious. Using vague words to describe achievements will not be well received. People skills should not be left out in the resume. It is extremely important to always give true facts without exaggerating or coloring them up in the resume.

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Download Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Resume

Librarian Resume


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It is a great saying that books are the best friends that a person can ever have as this friend only benefits you with the knowledge kept inside it and doesn’t harm you even if you spend awful a lot of time with them. Many people have the hobby to read books and informative material in their spare time but not all of them can afford to buy $1000 book or $500 research journal. As a solution, they borrow the books from a library and when they are done with it, they return it to the library so that someone else can benefit from that book. The person or in charge who deals with people and lend them books is known as the librarian.

Job responsibilities and duties of Librarian:

  • Arranging the books in proper order inside the shelves in the library
  • Updating the computer program to come up with the location of each specific book in the library
  • Dealing with people that want to borrow books
  • Loaning books to people and entering their details to safely reacquire the books
  • Instructing the borrowers about how to handle the books and keep them safe
  • Informing the lenders about the return dates and schedule of the books
  • Putting the books inside shelves where they belong to after return
  • Informing authorities or management to buy new material from the market

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Librarian Resume

Salary of Librarian:

We say that the books are the best friend to us and a book is the most expensive thing but it is very funny to hear that the guardians of this precious treasure don’t get paid that much as they should be. With this statement, you can understand that librarians don’t make good money as managers or administrators but still it is a good job if you think of fewer responsibilities and flexible work hours. Usually libraries hire employees on hourly basis but there are many libraries that hire librarians on regular salary basis as well. On hourly basis, a librarian can earn up to $15 per hour where on the other hand, he or she can make up to $50000 per year on regular salary basis.

Required skills for a Librarian Resume:

  • Good people skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good time and resource management skills
  • Multitasking skills
  • Being a good team player and coordinator
  • Good decision making skills
  • Good analytical skills
  • Good knowledge of library based IT software programs
  • Being able to work in long shifts and late hours

Useful Tips for writing a Librarian Resume:

  • Write an objective by yourself that shows that you are the one for the job that there is no other option better than you according to their needs and the job description.
  • Always put your education and employment history in different sections.
  • First talk about your education and studies and start from the most recent degree that you have acquired and then go back up to graduation. There is no need to add details of your high school education in this resume.
  • Think of your resume as a demonstrator for you in front of the recruiter. So design such a document that sell your capabilities and definitely get you an interview.

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Download Librarian Resume

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It is very difficult for small companies and local organizations to understand what actually a software program trainer does but for global and big organizations, software trainer is a part of their regular staff members. A software trainer, in simple words, obtain information regarding a company or business and analysis where an IT program can be implemented to increase the performance and then he trains the staff members and management to use that software to maximize their output. Usually these trainers run tests and training sessions in between the organizations to help the employees understand what a software program is made for and how to use it along with training IT specialists to troubleshoot common problems with the software.

Job responsibilities and duties of Software Trainer:

  • Understanding the needs and requirements of a company or organization
  • Researching and coming up with solution software programs for the company
  • Creating classes and learning sessions in the organization for training employees
  • Helping employees to understand the needs and basics of the software
  • Creating learning sessions and training programs to enhance the leaning process
  • Preparing the material that is required in the training
  • Understand the leaning abilities of students to help them out with difficult things
  • Helping employees to adopt the new technology or software
  • Creating special sessions for IT specialists to help them understand how to troubleshoot the common problems and errors with the software

Here is preview of a Free Sample Software Trainer Resume created using MS Word,

Software Trainer Resume

Salary of Software Trainer:

It usually depends on each type of software and computer program that how much the company will pay to the software trainer for training sessions. For example, for very basic and common software, the payment will be lesser than more complicated and difficult software that is new in the market and the company is using it for the first time. Usually software trainers make around $60000 per year but it can vary in different countries and states depending on geographical needs and requirements with economic situations.

Required skills for a Software Trainer Resume:

  • Good technical skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good communication skills
  • People skills
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Good management skills
  • Multitasking
  • Critical decision making skills
  • Being a good leader
  • Time management skills
  • Administrative skills
  • Good judgment skills
  • Active listening skills

Useful tips for writing a Software Trainer Resume:

  • Recruiters like to interview those applicants who actually spend some time making their resume.
  • There are no definite limits of what jobs to include in your resume and what’s to eliminate. It’s only a matter of writing that you can make any of the jobs an excellent career.
  • Never use the same resume with same details and information for more than one job. Whenever you want to send a job application, create a new resume.
  • Proofread the resume to eliminate any grammatical or spelling mistakes which can ruin your first expression.
  • Keep it professional and avoid using wrong sentences or inappropriate words which can make you look smaller.

Here is download link for this Software Trainer Resume,

Download Software Trainer Resume