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Information security is an important part of any organization, especially in those organizations which deal with sensitive information, just like healthcare organizations and banks. On a regular basis, new security measures have been added. In these results, demands for security analysts are high on the market. Because organizations want to ensure that they are meeting security standards and working according to the security policies. Security analysts are playing an important role in organizations. That is why the number of jobs of security analyst has increased day by day. So a security analyst resume should write professionally to attract the employer by highlighting skills. Essentially, security analysts are IT professionals. They may maintain the security and integrity of data and networks. They must have expertise and knowledge of information security within the organization for which they work, or are responsible for. Mainly, they analyze security measures and being able to monitor and understand intrusion detection.



Security analysts must have some specific abilities to perform their responsibilities in an effective way. They may have analytical skills to determine on-going and potential findings. These skills can help them to choose best solutions while they are solving problems. Security analysts may require concentration skills to write security codes for long periods. They also have creativity skills to develop new security process, and by doing so, organizations apply their methods in efficient manners. Teamwork skills are necessary to work with other professionals in different teams. Leadership skills are required for managing and guiding subordinate technical staff. When security analysts want to convince others to implement their ideas, they require interpersonal skills.



The primary responsibility of security analysts is to protect the digital information of an organization, especially when its computer systems are connected by network communications. They may first test system security by attempting to gain access through simple methods such as guessing a password, or by more sophisticated means, such as depositing an outside program onto company servers. They can then determine ways of preventing such actions. They meet with decision-makers, technical staff and employees to ensure their recommendations meet corporate goals and are compatible with a company’s practices. They then implement the new security products and procedures and subject them to further testing to ensure that they provide the necessary protection. Because advancing technology develops new ways to both breach and secure digital systems, security analysts must update their skills continually by attending classes, going to conferences and reading technical literature. They must monitor networks to identify and investigate violations, and educate company employees on standards and protocols. In case information is erased or otherwise compromised, analysts must institute a disaster recovery plan that can recover data and allow the company to function normally as soon as possible. This typically involves periodically backing up data to an offsite location.

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Managing a restaurant is very challenging and stressful job. Few people can do this job correctly. Restaurant manager can be a successful manager if he/she have a particular set of skills to manage the day to day operations and staffs in smoothly and professionally. Restaurant managers work in hotels, restaurants, and fast food outlets. So, a restaurant manager resume should be a professional resume that convinces to an employer through highlighting his/her management skills. Restaurant managers ensure that the customers and staff members are happy with the restaurant, and also make sure that restaurant is operating in an efficient and profitable way. They motivate employees to supply quality services to the customers. They also build teams of waiters, sommeliers and bar staff of the restaurant. They often greet and welcome guests, even guide them to their table. The responsibilities and duties of restaurant managers depend on the size of the restaurants and participation level of owners in managing the restaurant business. Some of the key responsibilities and duties of restaurant managers follow:

Managing Employees

An important responsibility of Restaurant managers is managing the restaurant employees like an interview, hire and fire the employees. They may also responsible for conducting staff training and handling scheduling of employees, but sometimes these duties may be deputized to assistant managers. In the restaurant industry, conflicts are unavoidable, and dealing immediately with conflicts helps to keep employees in check. So restaurant managers may play a mediator role to resolve conflicts of employees.


Customer Services

Good Customer services can play an important role to take competitive advantage of a restaurant in the restaurant industry. It is an essential responsibility of restaurant managers to provide good and on-time customer services to their customers. To ensure efficient restaurant’s services, they may manage and organize activities between kitchen and dining rooms. When customers complain about bad food stuff or services, they solve their problems and investigate roles. For example, they may investigate causes and trace out the events that may reason for the complaints. They may hire more staff or find another solution to speed up the customer services.

Supplies and Purchases

Restaurant managers also supervise the process of placing orders for food, equipment and supplies. Sometimes the process of handling food and supply orders may handle by executive chefs. When necessary, restaurant managers may be responsible for analyzing food costs and raise menu prices. If the restaurant is small or doesn’t have account staff, restaurant managers may record and maintain purchases and payments for supplies. They may negotiate prices of supplies and purchases for reducing the operating cost.

Health and Safety

Restaurant manager may be responsible for ensuring that restaurant is complying with the health, safety and labor laws. To avoid health and safety violation, they may oversee the ordering process, cleanliness of kitchen and dining environment. They may also track the regulatory changes to avoid violations that could involve them in lawsuits.

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The role of soccer trainer is important in player’s development. As extremely important, in all over the world clubs have believed in the role of trainers. Clubs/ sports centers spend much time to identify good trainers and hire them to their club/center. Professional clubs and sports centers play worldwide, so they go worldwide for searching trainers. These practices can be shown by the numbers of foreign trainers who are working in countries, not of their origins. Soccer trainers develop and polish the skills of players individually which help players to win the games. Usually, trainers are former players of soccer. They want to convey their knowledge and skills of soccer game by giving training in sports institutes like unprofessional and professional soccer centers/ clubs. They always try to develop their skills through certifications by national and international soccer training associations. So soccer trainers resume should write in a precise and professional way which highlights their skills and achievements in a soccer game. Following are some key responsibilities/duties of soccer trainers.


It is one of the important responsibilities of soccer trainers to train the players of soccer. For developing the fitness and specific skills of players, they may plan and supervise the training sessions. They may manage the teams of players who work in particular areas, just like defensive, offensive and goalkeeping. Trainers conduct specific types of training sessions for different periods. For example, in pre-sessions, they may work on helping players, fitness, and sharpness. Later on during gaming seasons, they may concentrate on maintaining the fitness of players for their games.



Soccer trainers may plan tactics for games. They examine the strengths and weaknesses of opponent teams and also make strategies to approach each team in the best way.  They may also study opponents’ games tactics by their games videos. By doing this, they highlight important points, for example, player’s defensive weaknesses and ability to quickly respond the attack.


Before games, they motivate the players of the team. During the games, they may give tips that how to counter their opponents and what tactics are useful to tackle those situations. They may highlight the problems and motivate players to improve their performance. After games, they may review the performance of each player and also point out the issues and work on them for next games.

Squad Development

Soccer trainers make sure that they are developing a strong squad of players which will compete throughout the games seasons. They may observe the performances of every player in games. They timely take account the injuries to players and then take necessary actions. Sometimes, coaches take opinion from trainers which player is fit for the games at that time and select them out for the game.

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On the fields of playing with professional teams or attending the high school athletes, sports trainers ensure that any player/athlete should not get injury and reach there to aid those who get hurt. They are not like the fitness trainers which teach about techniques to the players on spots and not provide health care facilities. Sports trainers are also called athletic trainers. They are an important part of teams. They are basically health care personnel who are diagnose, treat and prevent injuries of sports players. They fully involve in sports and take excellent holistic care of the athletes. Their presence is important to provide on-site healthcare services. If not recognize and treat early, then injuries conditions present in athletes can become more complex and can have long-term implication, for example concussions.

So sports trainers daily follow up the health chart of athletes, and assist them to play continuously without any unhealthy interruptions. They may reduce the cost of various health care providers who may checkup the athletes in their clinics one day and refer them another day to some other colleagues for further treatments. They may render their services to professional people of sports, sports teams, community teams or school level teams/groups for improving their performance. So a sports trainer resume should write in a professional way, and may contain professional education and training certifications information.



Sports trainers must equipped with some special skills. They must be active listener and give full attentions to other people sayings. They must have management skills for managing their own or others’ time and also manage resources and equipment. They must have critical thinking skills and use logic-reasoning to recognize the strength and weakness for alternative solutions. They must have speaking skills to convey their information effectively. Judgmental and decision making skills can help them out to consider the relative costs and potential benefits of their actions to choose the appropriate one. They may aware of diversity issues, including issues related to the disability. They may use motivational skills to understand the psychology.

Duties / Responsibilities

Sports trainers basically diagnose and treat injuries of players, like bone and muscle injuries, under the directions of qualified doctors and other health care professional. They may work with any kind of people who engage in sports activities, for example, from school children professional players/athletic. They may require and maintain equipment to prevent injuries. They may use devices like tape and braces to recognize and evaluate injuries of players. They may provide emergency care services. They may rehabilitate hurt players and also make strategies to prevent injuries and illness. They may perform some administrative duties just like meetings with officials, keep records, and also manage sports budgets.

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Fireman Resume


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Firemen are brave and work in extremely hazardous conditions, and 24-hours ready to serve their people on a near daily basis. They save lives even by doing irregular shifts. They always ready on call at all hours. Their work can be demanding and unsafe. They respond to extinguish and control immediately fires and other emergency situations. For doing this hectic job, all firemen do hard and on-going training. A fireman resume should write in a professional way, which can assist to select him out. There are two types of firemen: one who are full-time professional firemen. Other are retained firemen who usually reach at the fire stations during a call out and have some other full-time job. Usually, they may labor in rural areas. Firemen may be hired by local authority fire services, airports, ports, armed forces and some industrial organizations like chemical, nuclear, gas and oil industries. The primary function of firemen is to protect people from disaster situation like building fires. They also promote an environment which provide public safety. They may also participate in preventing and inspecting fire activities like equipment and quarter maintenance activities.



Firemen must have good eyesight and hearing. For first aid requirements, they must be passed a medical examination or first aid training, and various physical tests. With regards to the personal qualities, firemen should be confident, strong, and supple. They must be able to think speedily communicate effectively under pressure situations.

Job Duties/Responsibilities

Firemen may respond to the fire alarm and douses fire. They also responsible for emergency calls for medical services and provide first aid if necessary.  By developing and conducting educational and training programs, firemen may be responsible for preparing citizens to prevent unexpected fire damages. They are also responsible for dealing with social services related to the areas of emergency response and assist victims and their relatives of those victims. They do salvage operations, just like throwing salvage covers and water, etc. They also assist in emergency cases. They inspect to keep clean equipment and gadgets after returning from fire calls.

They may be responsible for maintenance tasks, such as make minor repairs to equipment and devices, and also keep records of these actions. They may provide information by completing reports. They may be responsible for keeping fire station, equipment, and grounds in a clean and orderly situations. They also take part in training sessions and instructions meetings. They may retain knowledge of streets, buildings, water supplies, and unusual hazards at the time of emergency conditions. By conducting surveys and inspections for hazards, they may report about unsafe activities and conditions. They are responsible for conducting their activities according to policies and procedures. If necessary, they may report to the officials for bringing changes in policies and procedures.

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An organization is nothing without people. An organization can form an excellent team of skillful people with a good Human Resources Management structure. Good human resource practices help to attract and retain the skillful people in an organization. Through training, development, and performance appraisal. It might help to retain employees through motivation, participation, and grievance handling, it aid in developing essential skills and veracious attitudes among the employees. Human resource department ensures that organization will have a team of skilled and enthusiastic employees in future. Ultimately, it helps to efficient utilization of available human resources. The human resource manager is an important designation of an organization which takes all decisions related to employees within an organization. So human resource manager resume should write in a professional way that highlights your management skills. Human Resources (HR) Manager perform many duties and tasks, but some of them are:


How to attract and bring potential people in the organization, is an important responsibility of the human resource managers. They formulate procedures and strategies for employing the right people for a right job. They set the measures that are well matched with a particular job description. Then they recruit employees and formulate obligation for them and assign the task.


Training and Development

According to the organizational requirements, HR manager provides training to the employees. Hence, by these training sessions, employees can have an opportunity to polish their skills, and can also develop them by specialized expertise. It ultimately assists them to undertake some new responsibilities.

Performance Appraisals

In an organization, HR manager encourages the employees and give suggestions to them how they can improve their work according to their potential. They always connect with the employees and inform them about their performance and also correct them on their respective roles. If Performance appraisals process engages regularly, then it motivates workers.

Maintaining Work Atmosphere

This is one of the dynamic aspects of human resource management because work atmosphere or work environment have a large impact on employees’ performance. This is a role of efficient HR manager to provide a good working conditions to employees. Employees will feel more job satisfaction if there is a safe, clean and healthy atmosphere in an organization.

Managing Disputes

Sometime between employee and employee, there arise dispute on several issues in an organization. In these conditions, it is a responsibly of a human resource manager to act as a mediator or consultant to resolve those issues. Therefore, they can take prompt action to avoid things from getting worse.

Developing Public Relations

This is another duty of an HR manager to build a worthy public relationship. So in this way to grow good contacts with some other business sectors, they organize seminars, business meetings, and official gathering. Sometimes for the organization, the HR manager may help to prepare business and market plans. That is why the HR manager is also known as strategic business partner of the concerned organization.

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Teaching is one of the most respectable profession in our society. Because a good teacher have a power to build a good nation. Teaching assistants are one of the part of teaching profession. So a teacher assistant resume should be a professional resume that can convince an employer to select you out. Teaching assistants can go by many titles, depending on the institute. In some areas, they are called Para-educators, teacher’s aides, para-professionals, instructional aides or teacher assistants. The roles and responsibilities are the same regardless of title. The primary duty of a teaching assistant is to support the teacher in charge of the classroom, the lead teacher. Duties/ responsibilities of a teacher assistant can be varied institute to institute, but following are some key responsibilities of a teacher assistant:

Instructing Students:

Typically, teachers present the lectures that introduce new material. Teaching assistants then reinforce the lesson by tutoring individual students or holding discussion groups consisting of a small number of students. In some institutes, the assistant may write problems or key terms on the black/white board while the teacher is presenting the material.

Supervising Students:

For helping the lead teacher, Teaching assistant maintain order in the classroom and make sure that the students are obeying the rules and discipline. At some locations, teacher assistant comprehend that students board the correct institutes’ bus to go home or meet the buses in the morning to help offload students. Teaching assistants might also supervise students before and after institutional hours.

Performing Clerical Tasks:teacherassistantresume

Teachers must maintain a record of every student’s grades and attendance, and teaching assistants normally help with the task. Teaching assistants might also complete requisitions for books, desks or supplies. The teacher typically signs letters or memos to parents, but the assistants often types them. If there is a classroom newsletter, the teaching assistant might play an important role in writing, editing, printing and distributing it to parents.

Miscellaneous Duties:

Teaching assistants might accompany students on field trips or at extracurricular events. They might be responsible for decorating the classroom or updating the bulletin board. Assistants are often responsible for operating equipment used in the classroom, such as projectors or tape players. Some teaching assistants have assigned work locations outside of the classroom, such as the library or computer lab. These teaching assistants are responsible for helping students learn in that specific environment, such as teaching them how to locate books or use a software program.

Special Education Teaching Assistants:

The role of the special education teaching assistant differs slightly from the role of other teaching assistants. If the student’s disability is severe, the aide might have to feed him or assist him with his personal hygiene needs. In some institutes, special education students are not segregated from other students, so the teaching assistant might need to give individual attention to disabled students in the regular classroom. Additional classes for just the special education students might also be necessary, with the teaching assistant handling her normal duties.

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An organization can run efficiently and effectively only if it has a strong administration. An organization has a different level of administrative tasks. These administrative tasks are performed and managed by a manager administrative, who plays a vital role in an organization. Administrative Managers manage the operational backing of an organization. They make sure that the organizational resources are efficiently employed, and there is an efficient flow of information in an organization.

Where effective people management comes into play, Manager Administrative commonly works with a range of people and may lead teams and groups of staff. An Administrative Manager may work in a position to provide support to the entire organization, or manage and organize multiple administrative managers, or may be liable to a particular division or department of the organization. They may provide daily support to the staff. Daily support may comprise working with lower level staff to the senior staff. To run the day to day operations, a smart administrative managers must have good methodical skills.

An administrative manager can also add worth to an organization by challenging the effectiveness of established procedures. It is an important position for identifying bad practices and also develop continual processes for the organizational improvement. A Professional Administrative Manager resume may write in a way which appeals to the employer to select you out. As much as Administrative, educational background and experience are an important factors in an administrative manager resume, as much as highlighting the Administrative skills and qualities are important.


There are some qualities and skills of good administrative managers:

  • They should have leadership quality.
  • They should be accommodating and helpful.
  • They must have admirable written and verbal communication skills.
  • They must be honest about their work and self-assured to achieve organizational
  • They should be assertive, optimistic, and good listener.
  • They must know how to manage time and arrange their work under pressure.
  • They should be flexible in a vibrant working environment and organizational culture.
  • They must be proactive and self-motivated.
  • They should be reliable and trustworthy.

Duties and responsibilities of administrative manager scan be varied and depending on the size and nature of the company. However, some of the key activities engaged by them include:

  • They manage administrative workers by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees.
  • They maintain a safe and sound work environment; developing personal development opportunities.
  • They must achieve staff results by communicating job expectations with them
  • They plan, monitor, and appraise job results with staff; coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees.
  • They must initiate, coordinate, and enforce organizational policies, and procedures.
  • They may establish policies, procedures, and work schedules.
  • They provide communication systems by identifying needs.
  • They also evaluate options, maintain equipment and approve invoices.
  • They may complete projects by organizing and coordinating information and resources; planning, arranging, and meeting schedules; monitoring results.

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Administrative Manager Resume

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Financial undertakings and doings are one of the important parts of an organization. Hence, Manager Finance performs all those tasks which are related to the financial decisions. A Manager Finance is a talented individual who manages significant financial functions of an organization. He/she make sure that funds are utilized efficiently. The role of the Manager Finances has been changed because of technological advances. It causes to reduce the time which they consumed to prepare financial reports. The key responsibility of Manager Finance was monitored to the finances of the company, but now they analyze the financial data and advice to the higher management to maximize profits. Manager Finances provide assistance to top management in making important decisions that cause to affect the organization. Therefore, they need analytical ability and excellent communication skills to achieve challenging tasks.
There are many functions which can perform by a Manager Finance, but some of them are as follows:
Raising of Funds
There is a requirement of every organization to retain cash and liquidity to meet the obligation of the business. An organization can raise funds by equity and debt. The decision about debt and equity ratio are one of the primary responsibilities of a Manager Finance. In an organization, Keeping up a weighing scale between equity and debt is essential.
Allocation of Funds
The funds should allocate efficiently to get the optimal goals. If Manager Finance want to allocate the organizational funds by the best means, then they must consider about the size and growth capability of the organization, short and long term assets planning, and how the ways by which funds can raise. These financial decisions can influence other managerial undertakings. Therefore, the establishment of a right mix of asset and appropriate portion of resources is one of the most significant activity in an organization.

Financial Manager Resume
Profit Planning
The goal of any organization is to maximize its profit. For any organization, Profit earning is an important factor to survive. This is a responsibility of Manager Finances to plan the proper usage of profit earned by the organization. They take a decision about optimal combination of fixed and variable production resources which help to gain profitability of an organization. They also calculate the opportunity cost to replace those resources which have gone through the depletion process.
Understanding Capital Markets
The stock exchange is a market where large companies traded their share. In the stock exchange, there is an unceasing sale and purchase of shares and debentures. Therefore, this is an important responsibility of a Manager Finance to monitor the capital markets. This process involves risk, so Manager Finances try to diverse this risk and take useful measures. They calculate and understand the risk associated with the securities. The decisions of Manager Finance directly influence the process in the stock market.

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Manager Finance Resume

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University level education is considered the highest level of learning. It is a learning process that is more than the next-level; it is a critical factor in human development worldwide. Now a days, a teachers’ role involves more than simply standing in front of a classroom and lecturing. An effective teacher understands that teaching involves wearing multiple hats to ensure that all students receive a quality education. Hence, the lecturers at the university level are also placed on a higher pedestal than teachers of undergraduate colleges. Though being knowledgeable is a pre-requisite, but it is not the only virtue required of a university Lecturer. A Lecturer should be dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development. A Professional University lecturer resume writing is an art. A good university lecturer resume can clearly stand out people from a crowd. An University Lecturer resume should be a professional resume because teaching is an innovative and creative profession. So before writing a resume, one should analyze him/herself. Who are you? What are your strengths? What have you done and what do you like to do? Examine experience (paid or volunteer work), activities and interests, accomplishments, award, it may help people to generalize their skills. Then this material will need to create an effective, and powerful resume. While writing a university lecturer resume, use academic and professional writing skills. The Employers want to see the breadth of educational background, experiences and skills, packaged in a way that appeals to their needs and requirement according to the job description/ job responsibilities.


For lecturers, there is not a definitive list of all job responsibilities to be undertaken as these can be varied from time to time at the discretion of the university. However, some of the key activities engaged by them include: writing lecture material and handouts and presenting information in lectures. They conduct seminars and tutorials for students, and also mark student papers. A university lecture may be a member of the departmental planning team to determine teaching program for the academic year. They write and mark examination papers, and write examination reports for faculty and departmental review. They may be a member of departmental/faculty subject group, determining teaching requirement. They also take feedback from students to improve teaching methodologies and content within the department/ faculty; changing and adapting course materials. They provide guidance and advice to students regarding their career or personal issues. They may mentor and guide the work and research of postgraduate students. Being a part of an administrative work, they may investigate funding opportunities in the area of research, and may participate in committees within the department/faculty. Externally, they may participate in external work groups and may be asked to participate in collaborative projects. They may undertake other additional duties as designated by the university.

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