Free Sample Resumes

This website is dedicated to provide free Sample Resumes related to almost all fields of life for newbie or experts to assist them in creating their own compelling resume quickly. Writing a resume may seem a lot difficult but actually it’s quite easy. You have to know that your employer is not going to give you a second chance to make sure to send a resume that has the power to get you an interview. Your resume is a document that convinces the recruiter to call you for a meeting. You don’t have to put all of your life’s history on it because no one has the time to read it. Our collection of these free sample resumes will help you to get an idea as what should be included in your resume and how to layout it professionally.

Writing a resume doesn’t mean you have to follow a particular template or format. Your resume should be suitable according to your abilities and the job you are applying for. Although sky is the limit when you make a resume but you have to follow some basic rules and stay inside the line to prepare an effective resume. There are online tools that help you to make a resume but it’s better to do this by yourself because in this case, you will definitely have more choices.

Sample Resumes for Banking Jobs:

Here is our collection of Sample Resumes related to Banking Jobs,

 Cashier Resume Bookkeeping Clerk Resume
 Cashier Resume  Bookkeeping Clerk Resume

Sample Resumes for Training Jobs:

Here is our collection of Sample Resumes related to Training Jobs,

 Dog Trainer Resume Fitness Trainer Resume Corporate Trainer Resume
 Dog Trainer Resume  Fitness Trainer Resume  Corporate Trainer Resume

Sample Resumes for Construction Jobs:

Here is our collection of Sample Resumes related to Construction Jobs,

 Industrial Engineer Resume Builder Resume  Consultant Resume
 Industrial Engineer Resume  Builder Resume  Consultant Resume

Sample Resumes for Security Jobs:

Here is our collection of Sample Resumes related to Security Jobs,

 Security Guard Template Police Resume
 Security Guard Resume  Police Resume

Sample Resumes for Other Jobs:

Here is our collection of Sample Resumes related to Other Jobs,

Lawyer Resume Chef Resume
 Lawyer Resume  Chef Resume

You can also download free sample manager resumes from our sister site.

General Resume Writing Tips:

Here are some tips to write an effective resume that will have the ability to get you the dream job you are applying for.

1.     Understand the main intention of your resume:
Thinking a resume can get you a job is a big misunderstanding. The main purpose of sending a resume is to convince the recruiter to take interest in your personality and call you for an interview. You don’t have to write about jobs you had like 15 years back.

2.     Show your achievements instead of responsibilities:
It’s an impressive step to only tell about your achievements and goals you have won instead of describing your each job and the responsibilities you had with each of your jobs. The main purpose of sending a resume is to make you look smarter and efficient.

3.     Give a summary of your career instead of an objective:
Career summary means giving few lines that shortly describe what you do and what you are good at. Mostly resumes contain same objectives and that doesn’t look impressive instead when you describe the career you had, it makes you look more striking among all other applicants. Your resume should present you as a solution to the recruiter’s problems not just another person who is seeking a job to use his skills.

4.     Always use right words:
Some firms use computer operated programs to search for the right candidate. This search is based on specific keywords that the operator enters in the beginning. If you have used wrong or irrelevant words, it means you have lost your chance before even making an entrance. To eliminate this error, you have to analyze the job ad thoroughly and use the right words i.e. instead of using accountant, use financial manager.

5.     Describe your role in finding solution of problems:
You have to do a little research on your employer before sending out a resume. When you know the problems they are having with the existing staff and their hopes with the new employees. This way you will have the ability to present yourself as a solution finder to their problems.