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An organization can run efficiently and effectively only if it has a strong administration. An organization has a different level of administrative tasks. These administrative tasks are performed and managed by a manager administrative, who plays a vital role in an organization. Administrative Managers manage the operational backing of an organization. They make sure that the organizational resources are efficiently employed, and there is an efficient flow of information in an organization.

Where effective people management comes into play, Manager Administrative commonly works with a range of people and may lead teams and groups of staff. An Administrative Manager may work in a position to provide support to the entire organization, or manage and organize multiple administrative managers, or may be liable to a particular division or department of the organization. They may provide daily support to the staff. Daily support may comprise working with lower level staff to the senior staff. To run the day to day operations, a smart administrative managers must have good methodical skills.

An administrative manager can also add worth to an organization by challenging the effectiveness of established procedures. It is an important position for identifying bad practices and also develop continual processes for the organizational improvement. A Professional Administrative Manager resume may write in a way which appeals to the employer to select you out. As much as Administrative, educational background and experience are an important factors in an administrative manager resume, as much as highlighting the Administrative skills and qualities are important.


There are some qualities and skills of good administrative managers:

  • They should have leadership quality.
  • They should be accommodating and helpful.
  • They must have admirable written and verbal communication skills.
  • They must be honest about their work and self-assured to achieve organizational
  • They should be assertive, optimistic, and good listener.
  • They must know how to manage time and arrange their work under pressure.
  • They should be flexible in a vibrant working environment and organizational culture.
  • They must be proactive and self-motivated.
  • They should be reliable and trustworthy.

Duties and responsibilities of administrative manager scan be varied and depending on the size and nature of the company. However, some of the key activities engaged by them include:

  • They manage administrative workers by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees.
  • They maintain a safe and sound work environment; developing personal development opportunities.
  • They must achieve staff results by communicating job expectations with them
  • They plan, monitor, and appraise job results with staff; coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees.
  • They must initiate, coordinate, and enforce organizational policies, and procedures.
  • They may establish policies, procedures, and work schedules.
  • They provide communication systems by identifying needs.
  • They also evaluate options, maintain equipment and approve invoices.
  • They may complete projects by organizing and coordinating information and resources; planning, arranging, and meeting schedules; monitoring results.

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Administrative Manager Resume

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Financial undertakings and doings are one of the important parts of an organization. Hence, Manager Finance performs all those tasks which are related to the financial decisions. A Manager Finance is a talented individual who manages significant financial functions of an organization. He/she make sure that funds are utilized efficiently. The role of the Manager Finances has been changed because of technological advances. It causes to reduce the time which they consumed to prepare financial reports. The key responsibility of Manager Finance was monitored to the finances of the company, but now they analyze the financial data and advice to the higher management to maximize profits. Manager Finances provide assistance to top management in making important decisions that cause to affect the organization. Therefore, they need analytical ability and excellent communication skills to achieve challenging tasks.
There are many functions which can perform by a Manager Finance, but some of them are as follows:
Raising of Funds
There is a requirement of every organization to retain cash and liquidity to meet the obligation of the business. An organization can raise funds by equity and debt. The decision about debt and equity ratio are one of the primary responsibilities of a Manager Finance. In an organization, Keeping up a weighing scale between equity and debt is essential.
Allocation of Funds
The funds should allocate efficiently to get the optimal goals. If Manager Finance want to allocate the organizational funds by the best means, then they must consider about the size and growth capability of the organization, short and long term assets planning, and how the ways by which funds can raise. These financial decisions can influence other managerial undertakings. Therefore, the establishment of a right mix of asset and appropriate portion of resources is one of the most significant activity in an organization.

Financial Manager Resume
Profit Planning
The goal of any organization is to maximize its profit. For any organization, Profit earning is an important factor to survive. This is a responsibility of Manager Finances to plan the proper usage of profit earned by the organization. They take a decision about optimal combination of fixed and variable production resources which help to gain profitability of an organization. They also calculate the opportunity cost to replace those resources which have gone through the depletion process.
Understanding Capital Markets
The stock exchange is a market where large companies traded their share. In the stock exchange, there is an unceasing sale and purchase of shares and debentures. Therefore, this is an important responsibility of a Manager Finance to monitor the capital markets. This process involves risk, so Manager Finances try to diverse this risk and take useful measures. They calculate and understand the risk associated with the securities. The decisions of Manager Finance directly influence the process in the stock market.

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Manager Finance Resume

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University level education is considered the highest level of learning. It is a learning process that is more than the next-level; it is a critical factor in human development worldwide. Now a days, a teachers’ role involves more than simply standing in front of a classroom and lecturing. An effective teacher understands that teaching involves wearing multiple hats to ensure that all students receive a quality education. Hence, the lecturers at the university level are also placed on a higher pedestal than teachers of undergraduate colleges. Though being knowledgeable is a pre-requisite, but it is not the only virtue required of a university Lecturer. A Lecturer should be dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development. A Professional University lecturer resume writing is an art. A good university lecturer resume can clearly stand out people from a crowd. An University Lecturer resume should be a professional resume because teaching is an innovative and creative profession. So before writing a resume, one should analyze him/herself. Who are you? What are your strengths? What have you done and what do you like to do? Examine experience (paid or volunteer work), activities and interests, accomplishments, award, it may help people to generalize their skills. Then this material will need to create an effective, and powerful resume. While writing a university lecturer resume, use academic and professional writing skills. The Employers want to see the breadth of educational background, experiences and skills, packaged in a way that appeals to their needs and requirement according to the job description/ job responsibilities.


For lecturers, there is not a definitive list of all job responsibilities to be undertaken as these can be varied from time to time at the discretion of the university. However, some of the key activities engaged by them include: writing lecture material and handouts and presenting information in lectures. They conduct seminars and tutorials for students, and also mark student papers. A university lecture may be a member of the departmental planning team to determine teaching program for the academic year. They write and mark examination papers, and write examination reports for faculty and departmental review. They may be a member of departmental/faculty subject group, determining teaching requirement. They also take feedback from students to improve teaching methodologies and content within the department/ faculty; changing and adapting course materials. They provide guidance and advice to students regarding their career or personal issues. They may mentor and guide the work and research of postgraduate students. Being a part of an administrative work, they may investigate funding opportunities in the area of research, and may participate in committees within the department/faculty. Externally, they may participate in external work groups and may be asked to participate in collaborative projects. They may undertake other additional duties as designated by the university.

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Graduate Resume


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Graduate assistant can be a golden opportunity for a graduate scholar to get precious education knowledge in this field. Graduate assistant work in diversified manner to balance education with their itinerary load. Responsibilities of a graduate assistant may varies because sometime he was given full liability of the class and this can be a great experience for him/her. This position is also known as graduate teaching assistant in which large group of postsecondary teachers can work.

Nature of Job

Graduate assistants are accountable to help out faculty members and specialized staff members within a college or institution of higher education. Responsibilities of graduate helper are related to the coaching such as these people provide instructions for low-level courses, develop education materials, organize and manage exams and grade papers. They have to work under supervision of senior staff members to learn more expertise. Graduate assistants have facility to follow flexible work schedule according to the extensive amount of work and time.

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Graduate Resume

What Employer Demands?

As per the nature of work, the graduate students can join this work to get teaching experience in the college sitting. They are required to enroll in the graduate school programs to get required qualification for this position. Some colleges and universities instruct candidates to take special training courses in order to join this position. This will help them to take all responsibilities without making any mistake.

Career Potential

Graduate assistants can earn almost $45,000 annually and this amount can be varied according to their specializations and responsibilities. According to a recent survey, educational institutions have highest demands of graduate assistants.

Key Elements to mention in resume

  • Start your resume with name, address, contact number and professional email address so that the potential employer can easily contact you. After this, you will write your education and work history, awards and honors and professional references. It is important to highlight unique and impressive information in your resume.
  • Keep your graduate resume simple and list clear as well as bold heading for each section. Carefully organize your information because you have to impress potential employer with your talent. Do not include any kind of graphics, borders and fancy fonts as it can spoil your all efforts.
  • Highlight your most impressive information on first step to standout in the pool of candidates. Write relevant and recent degrees in the educational background and share most important information related to your educational projects. It will be good to include your academic honors and any membership to educational society.
  • Relevant work history is really important so start this section with most recent experience and write name of organization, duration of employment and important activities in the resume. Use professional approach while writing all details in your resume.
  • Be professional while writing references and ask the person before writing his/her name and contact number. If you are giving your cell phone number then make sure to use professional voice mail tone instead of romantic message. Write references of those persons who may talk about your professional skills.

Common Mistakes while writing such resume

  • Be concise while writing your achievements and objective statement because the potential employer does not have time to read your stories.
  • Be sure to avoid grammar and spelling errors therefore read your graduate resume carefully after completing it to avoid such errors.
  • Do not write references without getting permission from the persons because the potential employer can call them for your verification.

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Working with people for their welfare and dealing on problems faced in their lives are not much pleasurable. But many people undertake this sort of job, either for personal satisfaction or in the motive to serve people in need. They are generally termed as social worker and they play a vast role in enhancing the lives of poor and needy people. A professional Social Worker Resume gives the chance to work under potential employer and it also gives the opportunity to work for the development of underprivileged people. They also work to get government assistance for various needs of people such as for healthcare; education and they also strive to get legal assistance for a number of causes.

A job responsibility of a social worker is not limited within boundaries. But some of the vital activities engaged by them include organizing educational group programs, therapies for outpatient in a specific area or in a particular setting. Coordinating various events to support the welfare of service users and enabling them to lead a fullest life. Review the situation and needs of service users through conducting reviews with users and their families. Form a positive relationship with service users, clients, health care team and community providers to form successful resource. Provide counseling services and other reliable information to service users. Social workers also make decision for the better living of some cases of service users to get them the best service. They take part in multidisciplinary teams and it includes protection of child health and mental health.

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Social Worker Resume

Social worker resume must highlight the achievement and accomplishment of a social worker and it should not be flooded with too much information. Necessary information such as contact information containing residential or permanent address, phone number, and email address must be given prior importance while writing the resume. Important skills which are relevant to work as a social worker must be definitely included in the resume.

If significant tips for a social worker resume are followed, it is probable to draft a professional resume. Short paragraphs and bullet points add to the look of the resume and it also makes it easily decipherable. Professional experience related to basic job duties must be included and highlighted. Include a clear objective relating to the skills expected in the job. Professional experience followed by academic qualification and additional capabilities can reach the attention of employers. Professional course, training, seminar, professional affiliations and workshops can be included to show the competency of skills. Adding list of social working skills can impress the employers.

Avoid writing too much information on basic job duties. Adding lots of skills can sometime cause disbelief at the end of employers and it is better to stop with important skills related to the job. Unrelated personal information should not be included in a resume as it can spoil the professional look. Spell check ensures to avoid typing and spelling error and it is also important to cross check for grammar error. This will not be done by majority of people which cause the resume loss its professional look.

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IT Manager Resume


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In the current technological world, more competition is prevailing in the field of information technology. Producing a technical resume is a first step to get attention of potential employers in technological field. An IT Manager Resume is quite completed to craft and it should be drafted effectively with all the important points. Some of the technical terms or skills possessed by technical executives are difficult to explain, but it is most important to mention them in the resume, to gain attention of employers. IT manager jobs are rare to find and has more competition. A professional and eye catching IT Manager resumes can make huge difference in getting the job and behind missing it.

IT manager is responsible to carry out a number of task and they must realize their responsibilities to accomplish it successfully. A business oriented approach along with technical knowledge is expected from IT managers and those who possess these skills can look forward progress in their career. Manager in IT field must be willing to explore new ideas and modes to lead, workout and deliver projects on team by motivating the multi-generational team in spite of their diversities. A project manager must keep themselves educated and spread their knowledge to their entire team to shine in all the projects handled by them. Before applying for a job in IT sector, or in executive field, it is much important to learn on the skills expected in those fields.

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IT Manager Resume

Highlighting achievements and responsibilities held in past jobs can attract employers. Even individuals with special skills and ability do not get notified by employers if they are not able to project their talents in resume. Job promotions, soft skills, leadership skills, communication skills, charisma, vision on the job and certain other relevant information must be bolded in the resume to portray the abilities or qualifications required in the job for which application is made.

Before starting to draft a resume, a resume strategy must be defined to make it appear short and professional. Structuring the resume should be made in a manner that it distinguishes core accomplishments apart from basic information and it is viewed by interviewers. Put a summary containing all key points of your employment and do not forget mentioning the strong points. Mold your resume and cross check it to find if it fits to an IT manager position. Focusing more on achievements than work history is a better idea to showcase your abilities. Follow consistent writing style and make it easy to read by all means.

Since the application is for an executive position some people make their resume in a more complicated technical language which is not readable. A professional resume must be easy to read, clear and professional in structure. Avoiding previous package is important as it can lead to any impression on the employers. After drafting resume for executive position, check for spell error and make grammatical corrections to make it professional. Securing the help of professional resume writing services helps to create a professional resume.

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The main objective of the marketing manager is to develop the business and expand it providing growth to business in a wide perspective. The marketing manager has a very important role of organizational leadership, client relations, coaching and facilitation, performance enhancement, team building and alliance building.  The attributes of marketing the company products in an effective manner must be highlighted in the resume. All the roles have to be mentioned which he would be able to perform in the company. The other role of the marketing manager is to take necessary initiatives from time to time for the betterment of the company. The job duties and requirements of the marketing manager are different from one industry to the other.

Job Description of Marketing Manager

The main responsibility is to enact plans and implement the same with reference to marketing strategies and perceive if they are result oriented. Marketing manager should analyze the trends of sales of particular product and compare with the competitors, determines the sales and establish marketing objectives.  He should also be able to provide with the expected training to the team about the existing and new products. Scheduling the work for the team and maintaining the same is also a part of the job profile.

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Marketing Manager Resume

Important elements in Resume of Marketing Manager

The essential elements that have to be included in a sales manager resume are the objectives, qualification, professional achievements and educational achievements.  The objective is the main phrase which would give a brief about your career goals. Don’t mention what you have not and won’t be able to achieve. The achievements in the past such as efficiency in managing the team and productivity in terms of handling projects, team building skills, business development skills, human resource management, presentation skills, public speaking, human resource management skills and strategic planning skills could be added. You have to incorporate all these in the resume along with the education qualification and other special skills as well.

Tips for writing successful Marketing Manager Resume

The objective of the job and the professional summary should be provided in a well framed manner. You also ensure to provide the field of core competencies and follow the pattern of writing a professional resume. Also provide the notable achievements related to your job profile which would increase the chances of your selection. Make a rough draft, and go through the information to check the accuracy before making the final one. And include the cover letter.

Common mistakes in Marketing Manager Job Resume

Lot of irrelevant data is added in the resume which would provide a negative impact of you. The length of the resume should be about two pages and not more than that. Most of them make it too long for number of pages. People do not have time to read such lengthy resumes and therefore may keep them aside. So write crisp and clear. Issues with formatting are also very usual and many of them forget about the cover letter at large.

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The main objective of the sales job is to sell. The sales manager has a very important role of selling the company products. All the plans have to be executed in such a way which would help in increasing the sales of the company. The other role of the sales manager is to supervise the sales staff you are under him in the company. Both are very crucial roles and have to be assimilated in a well manner. Sales candidates who are well in the sales profile would get attracted to such jobs. The job duties and requirements may also change with the needs of the industry.

Job Description of Sales Manager

The main responsibility is to determines the annual sales and calculate the gross-profit, enact plans and implement the same with strategies which would be result oriented. Sales manager should analyze the trends and calculate the results. The roles of him also include establishing of sales objectives and achieving sales quotas that are set annually for the regions and territories. He should also be able to provide with the expected sales volume and profit for existing and new products. Keeping track of costs, competition, economic indicators, competitors and supply and demand and making due changes if necessary. Scheduling the work for the employees and maintain the sales at national level. He also orients and trains employees and maintains team effectively.

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Sales Manager Resume

Important elements in Resume of Sales manager Job

Here are few essential elements that have to be considered for a sales manager resume. The achievements in the field, efficiency in managing the team and productivity in terms of handling projects and the sales related qualification has to be included in the resume.  You have to frame and organize your resume and include the education qualification, special training and skills such as computer knowledge and other training related to sales in your resume. The awards, the designations in the previous jobs, year of achievements of medals and awards and other accomplishments in the past work arena should also be incorporated in your resume.

Tips for writing successful sales manager resume

The objective of the job has to be mentioned in the resume in the beginning. As this is the opening of the resume make sure that you frame a very catchy one. Then provide the details of the qualification and provide the achievements in the sales related arena. You can also mention the key areas of expertise in your previous job. Your professional experience in the field and the number of years in the same must be added. Give details about your qualification and other skills. Finally, include the sales Manager cover letter.

Common mistakes in Sales manager job resume

Common Mistakes that you would come across in most of the Sales manager job resumes are that many details which are irrelevant to the job are also provided. The formatting of the letter could also be found to be faulty. Many of them miss to provide a cover letter along with the sales manager resume.

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2929The general manager post is one of the most important posts. The management positions include lots of responsibilities and therefore seek a professional for it. The resume that you write for the management level job has to be more focused and result oriented. To get positive impact on your profile you have to follow some of the methods of writing the management resume. Inclusive of all the skills in the resume plays a very predominant role while writing a management resume. You can provide all the information relating to the knowledge, achievements and personal attributes.

Job Description of General Manager

General Manager is responsible person and has to work to develop the skills of the employees. He should be able to provide them required training and increase their self esteem. He should provide them a work atmosphere of pure dignity and respect. He/she should be capable to manage the entire team and company and encourage people to move ahead at all times. He should be able to make adequate business plans and meet the objectives of the business. He/she is the person who has to be responsible and take initiatives to augment business and therefore maximize the profit of organization on the whole.  General Manager of the company also has to prepare business plan and ensure the execution of the same also make alterations if required.

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General Manager Resume

Important elements of General Manager Resume

The main element of the General Manager Resume is the objective of the job. The other key features of the resume are the areas of expertise. It should give detailed information about the entire job structure, the achievements in the past. The work experience should be incorporated in the resume which would provide details of the achievements in the past. The professional experiences give knowledge about the functionalities and experience in the industry. The awards and achievements are also very important element in the resume. Since this is a resume of the executive job it is essential to also include some of the specialized training and knowledge in the field. The additional qualification attained by a person makes him more capable and could add value to the profile.

Tips for writing General Manager Resume

Make the resume well sketched, highlighting all the aspects very clearly. Do not make the resume too long. Make it simple and short, ensuring that only required information is provided. You can include the quotes of the others given for you with regard to your management skills. Therefore provide all the relevant information in it. The title and the objective of the resume is the first thing that you should focus on. Be clear with what you want to mention.

Common mistakes writing of General Manager Resume

Generally, people include lot of irrelevant details which would ruin the image of the person. The length of the resume is another crucial factor. Most of the people are found to make lengthy resume which is generally a mere waste of time. Do not include fake references and fake details. Finally, cover letter is one of the elements that most of them forget. When you apply for the post of General manager do not make such silly mistakes.

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Model Resume


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Fashion industry is blooming and there are many fashion models emerging time to time. They are highly recognized for their appealing looks and their outgoing personalities make them much popular. Walking over ramps requires certain skills and only those with passion in modeling and fashion can suit with different requirements of potential employer. With the help of different hair style and makeup models recreate their looks. Individuals with sound personality and passion in modeling can join this profession. Unlike any other profession, this job requires a professional Model Resume. It is important to draft a resume to match with requirements of potential employer and inspire them to get job.

Job of models appears to be quite similar, but they vary according to employers they hire with. Usually model job includes giving pose for cameras or for still photographs and also for television cameras for different purpose. They display in various pose to advertise for stylish and new clothes, accessories, household products or many other items of different organizations. Models vary with their profession and there are different types including artist models working for art schools and those that work for individual painters. They should be flexible in work timings and feel comfortable to work as nude model or with very little clothing. Models should have capacity to hold a same position for long time. Models also work for magazine cover photos and for posters.

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Model Resume

Designing a model resume must include all the elegance and working style of the model. In spite of the colorfulness present in the job it is important to make it appear professional. Modeling experience and categories of working in different field must be organized systematically like print media, commercials, theater, television or film. In case acting experience, name of the role and name of production company should be including in the resume. Mention on the communication skills and other highlights to attract employers.

Professional format is most significant for any resume and model resume is not an exception for this. Important contents of the resume must be written in a professional language and it should be easily readable. Use chronological order while detailing the experience or other qualifications by placing the latest at the top. Writing most popular role, in case of models with acting experience, can attract employers. Training classes undergone also adds to the value of resume, so it is imperative to include workshops, drama classes and other modeling training undertaken. If these training are taken from notable teachers, it is significant to mention their names and stand distinct.

There are certain things to avoid in a model resume, to make it appear unique from others. Bad experience and disputes in the industry should not be mentioned in the resume as it can create a negative impression. Without any requirement or permission from employer, it is not suggested to add a photo to the resume. Including fake details must be avoided. If resumes are written with help of professional resume writing services, they take care of all the factors and draft a stunning resume.

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